Meet the New TrossCam Stars (live)

    Meet the New TrossCam Stars

    Two adorable fuzzy Laysan albatross chicks have hatched and can be viewed on the Cornell “Trosscam” for the next several months. (Click on “Live” button to refresh video stream.)

    The chick closest to the cam and under the palm is Niaulani, affectionately known as Niau (nee-ow.) The name is derived from niau: moving smoothly, swiftly, silently, peacefully; and lani: exalted, sky, heavens. Niau’s father is Ko`olau and mother is Malumalu. All family members were named by revered Hawaiian cultural practitioner Sam Ohu Gon III.

    Farther from the cam and under the banana tree is Kala`i. Pronounced kah-lah-eee, the name is derived from qualities of calm, contentment and serenity, as of the sea, sky and wind. Kala`i‘s father is Akamai and mother is Ala, and is named by Hōkū Cody. Hōkū is a Hawaiian practitioner, a member of the Kaua`i Albatross Network and serves as a cam operator for the TrossCam.

    Niau hatched on January 31 and Kala`i hatched on February 7. If all goes well, both birds should fledge sometime in July.

    For news updates and more, visit the Nest Cam page at Cornell Labs.

    The Story of Kaloakulua now available

    KK-book-cover-280Kaloakulua was the star of last nesting season on Kaua`i.  The live-streaming cam was a first. As a successful project supported by Kaua`i Albatross Network and Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the world got to see inside the daily life of an albatross. In the five months she was streamed, “KK” was seen by nearly two million viewers from 195 countries.   Now childrens’ author Susan Dierker has written and illustrated a book about the charming chick’s life.  Albatross of Kaua`i, The Story of Kaloakulua is available via Amazon.