TrossCam Stars: Good News, Sad News

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Niau, the star of the Cornell live-streaming camera, is growing strong, spreading those long wings, even starting to run. Hatched on January 31, Niau could fledge as early as late June.

Sadly, sweet Kala`i is no longer with us. After banding by wildlife officials, Kala`i appeared unable to stand. Surgery corrected a broken bone in her leg. Supplemental feeding stabilized the chick, but alas, there was no significant progress. Further consultation with wildlife experts resulted in the most difficult decision for animal lovers everywhere.

All of us at the Kaua`i Albatross Network share your grief over the loss of sweet Kala’i. We have been involved in every step of this painful process. Founder Hob Osterlund personally witnessed the banding of both TrossCam chicks. After surgery, staff from Save our Shearwaters examined Kala’i every morning. KAN checked on the chick every afternoon; together we shared high hopes for recovery. Cornell Lab of Ornithology and SOS have been ideal partners in facing this event: professional, efficient, unflinching. Now that two chicks on other properties are known to have also sustained broken bones, the possibilities of environmental contamination or nutritional deprivation have arisen, perhaps impacting a whole cohort of these precious birds. Although the news is alarming, we are heartened to know so many of you care. In honor of Kala`i, We emerge from this event more strongly committed than ever. May the well-being of these birds be central to our choices forevermore. They are our wayfinding siblings.

kala`i eye

A view from the eye of Kala`i
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