National Geographic features Kaloakulua, the “Internet Darling”

kaloakulua-comp3Our girl Kaloakulua officially hit the big time when National Geographic featured her—along with the hosting Cornell Lab of Ornithology Bird Cam— in the Daily News.

Science writer Katie Langin began by featuring our star’s fledge on June 24, 2014:

“On Tuesday a young Laysan albatross named Kaloakulua took to the skies on her maiden flight, plunging off a cliff 250 feet high (76 meters) and setting course for the open ocean. She won’t touch down on land for another three years.”

The National Geographic story went on to describe the Bird Cams Project of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, and how project biologists installed high-definition live-streaming cameras on her nest near a home on NE Kaua`i.

Imbedded in the story are several video clips from the “TrossCam,” including the first feeding, non-nester courtship and Kaloakulua unchucking indigestible squid beaks and bits of plastic.

KAN founder Hob Osterlund’s photos (seen here) also appeared in the story.

National Geographic News concluded the story:

“And so ends the first chapter of the first ever live-streaming wildlife camera aimed at an albatross nest.”
    -By Katie Langin, Published June 28, 2014